I love trees. I find them fascinating - branches, trunks, textures, leaves and the patterns and shapes they all make.
'Autumnal Cherry Tree'

'Tree Thinning'

'The Pear Arch'


'The Laburnum Arch'

'Winter Light In The Orchard'

'Split Assunder'

'The Knot'

'Angular Tree'

'The Light Tree'


'The Burning Bush'

'The Orchard'

'Seven Sisters' the original version

and the final version

'Three Sisters'

'The Pink Tree'

'Winter Cherry-tree'

'Red Autumnal Tree'

'Winter Tree'

'The Pear Trees'

'The Orange Tree', verison 2

'The Fruit Tree', and a close up of the apples in it

'Gold Autumnal Tree'

'Autumn Grove'

'Fallen Tree'

and a slightly changed version