Paintings in my response to sights the sea and vaious coastal views.
"Receding Waters"

"The Distant Light"

"Rough Seas"

'Luminous Seas'

'Luminous Clouds'

'Luminous Rocks'

'Deep Calm'

'The Wreck Revealed' original version

and the final version.

'The Seashore'

excerpt from 'Sea and Sand', version 1.

'Sea and Sand, version 2

'Where the river meets the Sea'

'Blue Stone' - painted at the request of a friend

'The Rough Sea and The Shore' - a local scene

'Communicating With Nature' - inspired by the thought the ever changing pattern formed at the waters edge are attempts by the sea to commuicated with us in its own indecipherable language.

'A Yorkshire Coastal Town'

'Pebbles and Sand'

excerpt 1 from 'After The Storm'

excerpt 2 from 'After The Storm'

'The Tempest'


'High Tide, Stormy Sea'

'By The Light Of The Moon'

'The Inlet'